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Our team of experts works to guarantee effective solutions for businesses across all industries.

Marillion provides its clients with professional and independent advice at each stage of the audit procedure. In our work we are guided by the principles of technical excellence and independence of judgment. Rich expertise in international and Russian market allows us to meet the strictest requirements and deliver tailored services to both multinational corporations and small and medium businesses. We perform audit of financial statements, control systems, financial ratios and other required information in accordance with the usual terms of credit agreements.

Understanding a true value of objective and thorough audit for company’s performance, we offer a full range of audit services:

  • Audit in accordance with IFRS, US GAAP, Statutory Audit
  • Statutory audit
  • Reviews and initiative audit
  • Corporate reporting
  • Audit and actuarial services for Insurance
  • Funds and asset management audit
  • Consulting services
  • Support for non-bank credit organisations

Marillion has been specializing in the audit of financial statements for many years and it has a large number of customers using this type of services. Marillion is included in the list of audit firms recognized by EBRD and other credit institutions. Marillion client portfolio includes more than 900 companies, including

  • credit institutions that are included in the Top-100
  • large insurance and financial organizations
  • banks belonging to the largest international holdings.

In addition to the auditor’s report with the opinion on the reliability of the financial statements, collaboration with Marillion provides:

  • a positive image to investors;
  • effective organization of audit on the basis of risk assessment and multi-level quality control of the project implementation;
  • a team of specialists with high qualifications and relevant experience in audit;
  • trying to avoid a formal approach to the project implementation. Focus on long-term cooperation and constant interaction with the management are part of our approach.

Our specialists have practical experience in the following audit areas:

  • audit of non-governmental pension funds' accounting, pension accounts of the non-governmental pension coverage, and pension accounts of the funded component of retirement pension
  • audit of management companies’ accounting and financial statements
  • audit of non-governmental pension funds' financial statements, making payments of occupational pensions, redemption amounts, payments to legal successors, professional pension payment
  • preparation of transformation tables and IFRS financial statements
  • IFRS training
  • preparation and adaptation of transformation tables for each specific company

IT audit and consulting

It is hard to imagine a modern organization using no information technologies. IT solutions bring not only comfort and competitive advantages, but also business risks associated with regulatory requirements, IT services non-transparency, industrial espionage and business processes interruptions.

To ensure compliance with regulatory authorities’ requirements, our IT Audit team will help you in conducting the following procedures:

  • IT general controls assessment
  • IT application controls assessment
  • IT systems integration and data migration assessment
  • Assessment of compliance with service organizations standards (SSAE18 / SSAE16, ISAE 3402)
  • IT Due Diligence
  • Risk-based assessment of applications and informational systems
  • IT project support from specifications assessment to system implementation and post-implementation review

Personal data protection

Our IT Audit team and lawyers will assist you to understand the cobweb of the applied laws regulating personal data protection.

  • Federal law No. 152- FZ of 27.07.2006 (in redaction of 29.07.2017) “On personal data”
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Cyber security

Marillion experts will help to assess relevant risks and create or strengthen protection against external and internal threats. We offer you a wide range of services including:

  • Assessment of cyber resistance and business continuity procedures maturity
  • Information and personal data protection
  • Security audit for compliance with international and Russian standards
  • Assessment of ISO27001 and PCI-DSS certification readiness
  • Third-party IT audit
  • IT architecture security assessment


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An outsourcing partner that helps you play to your strengths

How we can help:

Accounting & reporting

According to the RAEX rating agency, Marillion is represented in the rating of the largest companies in the accounting outsourcing, the company is among the TOP 5 companies in Russia in the preparation of financial statements (IFRS and RAS reporting).

Our services

A full range of accounting and reporting services, including:

  • Accounting
    • Full and partial bookkeeping services
    • Full package of statutory financial statements
    • Accounting review
  • Tax compliance
    • Preparation and submission of tax returns and statistics reports
    • Assistance during tax audits
  • Reporting
    • Corporate reporting in accordance with Russian Accounting Standards
    • Mapping between Group and Russian charts of accounts
    • Transformation according to IFRS/US GAAP/French GAAP and other standards
  • Consultancy
    • Market entry services
    • Set-up and customization of your ERP system
    • Consulting on accounting related issues
  • Payroll & HR
    • Payroll calculation and preparation of payment orders
    • HR documents and assistance in HR workflow organisation
  • Business Process solutions
    • Expense reports
    • Check of cash documents
    • Invoice authorization workflows

Our tools and solutions

Our services are provided on a mix of local and international software such as LINX cloud, Power BI, EDI, Marillion portal, HR portal Connect. We also work frequently with a wide range of systems including SAP, 1C, and many others.

HR & payroll

Our specialist team offers a flexible way of managing your HR and payroll requirements.

Our services

Payroll & HR

  • Payroll calculation and preparation of payment orders
  • HR documents and assistance in HR workflow organization
  • Calculation of social charges, preparation of Social Returns and submission of the returns to Pension and Social Funds
  • Labour agreements, internal HR policies & legal advising
  • Review of mandatory HR documents for compliance with labor legislation and client’s internal procedures
  • Recovery of HR documentation
  • HR Portal Connect

Candidates testing

Marillion is glad to offer a new service to its clients: testing of candidates applying to accounting and finance positions through a dedicated program.

Candidate Testing Services

Questions included in the test have been developed by practicing leading public accountants, auditors and consultants and reflect all the relevant aspects of the current legislation. The questions are updated on a quarterly basis.

The business fields tested include:

  • Audit
  • Finance
  • Bookkeeping
  • Taxation
  • Corporate, civil and labor law

A qualified and competent specialist is a guarantee for the success and prosperity of your business

Before hiring a candidate, be sure of his professionalism.

Marillion will help you to make the accurate choice

HR portal Connect

What is Connect?

Connect – is a digital platform allowing employees to perform basic HR-related tasks online:

  • Receive payslips
  • Submit and validate leave requests, view current vacation balance
  • Access various HR data in one place
  • Request HR documents
  • Consult FAQ or submit questions online

Why Connect?

  • Automated HR document flow
  • Simplified vacation request approval
  • 24/7 access to HR data
  • Reduced administrative workload
  • Language options (English or Russian)
  • Data security
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customisation options

Interested? Try Connect for free

HR administration of certain staff categories

In accordance with the Russian law, all organisations, regardless of their legal form are obliged to perform military registration of citizens of the Russian Federation working in such organisations (subpara. 6 para. 8 of the Federal Law 'On Defense' dated 31 May 1996) and create necessary conditions for employees to perform their military duties.

If a company does not maintain military records or they are maintained incorrectly, administrative fines, which depend on the number of employees liable for military service, can be applied to the employer. In practice, fines for each violation are multiplied by the number of liable employees.

Marillion team will help you optimise HR processes while minimising time and costs, as well as successfully pass military enlistment checks and avoid penalties.

Organisation of military registration

We will prepare and submit all the documents for both District Administration and enlistment office. You can also delegate to us all regular interactions with the military registration and enlistment office.

The Marillion team will take care of organising and maintaining the document flow for military registration, including paperwork, coordination and representation of the company in the military commissariat and territorial bodies.

  • Revision and restoration of existing documentation in case military records have been maintained in the organisation previously

Maintaining military records

Entrust us with all tasks related to maintaining a record of persons liable for military service to reduce the burden of your HR team and avoid hiring additional specialists:

  • Organisation of paperwork and workflow. Creation of a file cabinet with information on personnel registered with the military authorities. Maintaining personal cards of the Form No. 10 for conscripts and employees that are in reserve, as well as conducting an annual reconciliation with the military enlistment office.
  • Representing your company at the territorial military registration and enlistment offices. Interaction with the military registration and enlistment offices. Providing information on employees subject to initial military registration or on employees who are required to register as well as informing about personal data changes or hiring and dismissal of an employee etc.
  • Mandatory journaling
  • Maintaining up-to-date military registration documents
  • Providing your company with information on military registration in consultation format
  • Annual submission of updated documents and reports to the District Administration and the military commissariat before the start of the next calendar year.

Preparing for inspections

We will organise an audit of internal documents for you prior to the inspection, recover the necessary documents and eliminate potential risks. We provide support in the following areas:

  • Interaction with inspectors
  • Documents recovery
  • Filling out the check log

Please note that in addition to military registration, you can outsource full payroll and HR administration to us.

The Marillion team is ready to provide support in the following areas:

  • Organisation of military registration
  • Maintaining military records
  • Preparing for inspections

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Understanding of Russian tax regulations and solving pure tax issues takes time – time which can be used more productively developing your business.

Tax Practice of Marillion provides qualitative and tailor-made solutions that will suit your needs and budget. You will receive the personal attention of the experienced advisor with extensive experience in tax consulting. Being on the edge of audit, accounting and law our experts know best practice applied by companies and prefer giving practical solutions and not just a theory that is far from reality.

We offer variety of tax services:

Corporate taxes advisory: Profit Tax, VAT, Assets tax, Social Contributions

We are able to answer all your questions related to any Russian corporate tax. Our team combines global expertize with local knowledge in order to help you in understanding of taxation rules applicable to both purely local and cross-border transactions (international taxation). 

Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing is one of the most important tax issues facing not only large international organisations, but also any company that manages cross-border operations. In Russia, as in many other countries, transfer pricing legislation is constantly changing.

Over the past 7 years, Marillion team has successfully completed more than 300 TP projects for international groups of companies in various industries, including manufacturing sector, consumer goods industry, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, etc.

Our team assists clients with the following issues:

  • Carrying out diagnostics of TP risks,
  • Developing internal policies on intragroup transaction pricing,
  • Introducing appropriate information flows required for TP compliance,
  • Preparing TP Documentation and TP Notification,
  • Advising foreign companies entering the Russian market on the existing TP regulations, so that group TP policies and approaches are adjusted accordingly from the beginning to reduce potential TP risks.

We use various information databases to obtain comparable data: SPARK, RUSLANA, AMADEUS, ORBIS, BLOOMBERG, Royaltystat, and others.

What are the additional benefits of preparing transfer pricing documentation?

Besides elimination of compliance risks, proper transfer pricing solutions can provide various benefits, such as:

  • a lower effective tax rate;
  • improved intragroup cash flows;
  • mitigation or even elimination of tax risks related to intragroup flows.

Taxation of Individuals

Marillion team provides support at all stages of individuals’ taxation, including the following services: preparation and submission of personal income tax (PIT) return, preparation of instructions for payment of PIT, liaison with the Tax Authorities, CFC related tax compliance etc.

Wide range of services:

  • Review of tax assessments and preparation of instructions for payment of PIT (penalties, interests)
  • Submission of requests for obtaining of certificates in the Tax Authorities (including certificate on absence of tax debts, tax residence certificate, etc.)
  • Provision of tax advice on Russian PIT matters
  • Preparation and submission of notification on opening / closing / change of details of foreign bank account and its annual cash-flow reports
  • Liaison with the Tax Authorities regarding property taxes of individuals (transport tax, land tax, property tax)

CFC related tax compliance:

  • Preparation and submission of notification on participation in foreign organizations
  • Preparation and submission of notification on controlled foreign companies (CFC)
  • Calculation of CFC’s taxable profits

Tax reviews: identification of tax risks and tax potential

Tax review may be required:

  • as preparatory stage for the field tax audit by Russian tax authorities, during such review we will identify tax risks in your business and recommend solutions for its elimination or mitigation, thus, you will minimize possible tax fines;
  • in case when a company would like to decrease tax burden and optimize tax payments to the State Budget, for this purpose we will conduct audit of your activity and recommend how it is possible to decrease amount of tax expenses, thus you will understand tax potential in your

Tax Dispute Resolution

Tax Dispute Resolution Practice provides the clients with the comprehensive support in dealings with tax authorities, including:

  • support during the desk and field tax audits conducted by tax authorities, including in case of VAT and other overpaid taxes refunds, analysis of the tax authorities’ requests for documents / explanations, assessment of legal basis for tax authorities’ actions and requests, assistance in preparation of responses to tax authorities’ requests, advising on the most favorable way for providing tax authorities with the documents and information, advising the employees on how to participate in interrogations and supporting them during interrogations;
  • pre-trial dispute resolution services, including analysis of tax authorities’ reports after audits, supporting in collecting of the evidence, preparation of the objections on tax audits reports, representation of the taxpayers’ interests before the tax authorities during consideration of tax audit’s materials, preparation of the appeals to the superior tax authorities regarding tax authorities’ decisions;
  • litigation / tax dispute resolution in commercial courts, including preparation of the claim and other procedural documents necessary for the dispute resolution in court, supporting in collecting the evidence, representation of the taxpayer’s interests in court.

Tax assistance in M&A transactions

M&A transactions are associated with risks and exposures that should be identified at early stage. Our tax professionals identify tax risks by carrying out pre-acquisition and pre-sale tax due diligences, elaborate required recommendations, elaborate tax efficient strategies and structures.

Anti-crisis support and sanctions consulting

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We do our best to solve vital business issues and adapt to the needs of our clients and the market. To help you and your company navigate the rapidly changing business environment in these challenging times, our team has formed a practice of anti-crisis support during business restructuring, supply chain and operational changes, analysis of applicable restrictions, sanctions and managing the risks associated with the current situation.

Support during business restructuring

  • Development of alternative holding structures. Analysis of implications associated with change of legal structure (sale of shares to Russian residents, etc.);
  • Change of the key employees’ remuneration structure (including structuring of payments via foreign legal entities, etc.);
  • Migration support (work permits, visas, etc.);
  • Analysis and support with respect to expansion in Russia (new businesses, localisation, investment benefits).

Sanctions and restrictions consulting

  • Analysis of applicable limitations and risks considering specifics of business and underlying transactions;
  • Evaluation of the ability to conduct transactions;
  • Deal structuring.

Advice on new benefits and support measures

  • Review of relevant benefits and support measures, and of the risks of applying them;
  • Assistance in obtaining benefits;
  • Support in declaration process in course of the new de-offshorization stage.

Advice on reducing business activity

  • Legal issues and questions associated with the activities’ suspension;
  • Analysis and structuring of a business-specific approach to downsizing (joint venture, existence of government contacts / transactions with state companies and authorities, etc.);
  • Support during the liquidation procedures;
  • Shareholder and management risks analysis. Advice on risk mitigation measures.

Consulting on supply chain and operational changes

  • Legal support in structuring new supply chains;
  • Analysis of applicable customs fees and financial burden within alternative supply chains;
  • Analysis of the transactions and preparation of the necessary legal documents (new agreements, cessions, etc.).

Analysis of compliance with the SMEs criteria and inclusion in the register of small and medium-sized enterprises (register of SMEs)

Inclusion into the SME register will enable foreign-owned LLC and JSC organisations to obtain official and statutory benefits in the form of reduced insurance premium rates of 15% (versus 30%) applied to all monthly wage payments which exceed the federal minimum wage.

Moreover, simplified bookkeeping and tax accounting procedures are applied to small and medium-sized enterprises. They also receive benefits when participating in the state-run tenders.

Based on the results of services provided our team will prepare a report confirming the eligibility of a Russian entity for the inclusion into the SME register. We will also assist to enter your company into the SME register through the Marillion personal account on the Federal Tax Registry website.

Please note that auditing organisations enter information in the period from the 1st to the 5th of each month.


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We provide comprehensive legal services to help our client both in the resolution of the problems arising in their day-to-day business and in elaborating their decisions in compliance with the regulations in force in Russia and abroad.

Our clients can rely on us for practical and strategic advices in the following areas:

Corporate Law:

Business set-up: when implementing a business, the first issue remains the determination of the adapted legal structure to your particular needs and targets. We advise our clients on choosing a right legal form to start up business in Russia. We provide full scope services on registration of LLCs (including Joint Ventures), Branches and Representative Offices of foreign companies.

Reorganisations, restructurings: for the achievement of your business objectives or the necessary adaptation of your business to new regulations sometimes it is necessary to reorganize the group structure. We can implement any reorganization project, including mergers & acquisitions. Also we advise our clients on capital restructuring projects with further implementation.

Consulting and comprehensive support on termination of the company's activities: when a project ends, we help you in liquidation of existing business. Depending on your expectations in terms of timelines we can propose several scenarios for liquidation.

Commercial Law

We look after all the legal support in day-to-day business: drafting and reviewing contracts, adapting group templates to local rules, helping in negotiations with counterparties. Our expertise also covers debts restructuring.

Employment Law

We advise and support employers in the day to day management of their employees, upon hiring and during the performance of their employment contract including in advisory in C&B planning. In case of projects on termination of the employment contract, we advise you on the applicable procedure adapted to the situation of the employee concerned (types of dismissal, mutual agreement on termination) enabling you to minimize financial consequences and/or to avoid the risk of litigation with the employee upon the termination of his/her employment contract.

Migration regulation 

We provide all the services necessary for the obtainment of the requested migration documents, including visas and work permits for the expatriate and his/her relatives.

Dispute Resolution

Our extensive experience on tax and commercial dispute resolution enables us to implement litigation strategies including, if the case may be, amicable dispute resolution, for instance to preserve good relationship with commercial partners.  We are focused on the defense of your interests and, in case of court litigation, we are fully involved with pro-activity and creativity in the proceeding to represent you successfully.

Tax Dispute Resolution Practice provides the clients with the comprehensive support, including litigation / tax dispute resolution in commercial courts.

Financial advisory

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Marillion dedicates a team of specialists in transactions to assist you in your investment and financing projects through buy-side or sell-side due diligence, independent business review, post-transaction assistance.

How we can help:

Mergers & acquisitions

The sale of your business

We can help you realise maximum value for your business. We assist with:

  • Preparing the business for sale and working with you to define the best strategy and timing before a formal process has been launched
  • Production of information memoranda, teasers, financial models, business plans and other documents to present to prospective buyers
  • Identifying and approaching potential buyers in any location
  • Analysing, assessing and negotiating offers to reach your objectives and maximise value
  • Project managing your sale process through to completion, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily activities
  • Liaising with legal advisors to ensure the terms of legal documents are optimal


We can assist you in identifying and evaluating your financing needs, determining appropriate structures (equities, debt, mezzanine, etc.) and finding the right partners.

In addition to raising funds through equity sales or capital increase, we also have a comprehensive suite of debt advisory services.


We advise shareholders and managers on capital restructures in management buy-out (MBO) and leveraged buy-out (LBO) transactions, with both national and international financing partners. We can advise you on:

  • Designing the appropriate capital structure (amount of envisaged debt vs. amount of equity)
  • Negotiating terms and conditions with equity, bonds and debt providers
  • Finding and securing a financial partner to support your plans and strategy
  • Implementing a governance structure to meet the objectives and expectations of management and your new financial partner
  • Structuring and negotiating of a management package and shareholders agreement according to the development strategy

Acquisition and external growth

We assist major national and international groups, privately owned businesses and financial investors in their acquisition and external growth projects. At Marillion, we assist you at every stage of the acquisition process:

  • Designing an acquisition strategy and producing a score card to assess targets
  • Screening the market to identify targets
  • Approaching targets smoothly in any location and initiating a conversation
  • Initial analysis of information provided
  • Pricing analysis and assessment of potential synergies
  • Preparing and negotiating offers to targets
  • Project management of your acquisition through to completion, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily activities
  • Liaising with other advisors such as due diligence providers, legal advisors and sellers

Transaction services

Our approach and team are tailored to the specific needs of each deal, based on technical excellence and experience:

Our experienced team will help you to:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the target and its business model with a deep analysis of the target’s historical performance (quality of earnings, working capital, cash flow, etc.).
  • Perform a critical analysis of the target’s business plan and its underlying assumptions.
  • Identify potential deal breakers or key risks relating to the target business and the transaction.
  • Evaluate the terms of the deal with an analysis of the financial drivers that directly impact the purchase price.
  • Identify the optimal tax structure of the deal.
  • Assist in drafting the financial implications of the purchase agreement, and assess their implementation post-acquisition.
  • Identify improvements to internal controls, systems and personnel organization.
  • Assess potential differences between Russian GAAP and IFRS.

Independent Business Review:

  • Overview of the company's activities (markets, products, facilities, management etc)
  • Understanding the key reasons in case of financial underperformance
  • Assessment of the current financial strength of the business and its future financial prospects
  • Reviewing the short- and long-term cash flow forecasts and providing feedbacks on the relevant sensitivities

Valuation of business and tangible and intangible assets

Many years of experience in the evaluation of tangible and intangible assets and the professionalism of Marillion appraisers guarantee the accuracy, timeliness and objectivity of valuation activities of any complexity.

  • Forecast of financial effects in case of business restructuring
  • Asset value determination in case of business restructuring or price allocation in case of acquisition
  • Analyzing overheads and profits
  • Analyzing past operational performances and forecast future financial results,
  • Calculation of discount rates and multiples
  • Testing the accuracy and sensitivity of business models

Quantitative finance (IFRS 9, IRB, Scoring)

We offer to assist you in setting up:

Modelling - Marillion consultants develop a wide range of models for financial institutions, allowing you to assess and monitor credit risk. Models are driven on both the internal and external data.

Analytics and Research - Our Quant team can perform all types of analysis in the field of credit risk management. We employ a wide range of methods for risk analysis, starting from basic econometric methods to state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Training - Marillion consultants train clients to develop models for assessing credit risk components. We are glad to provide you with a key set of analytical and practical tools so you can independently develop models in Excel, MatLab, Python and R.

IFRS 9 compliance

Marillion has in-depth knowledge and experience in IFRS 9 implementation projects. Developing tailor-made methodologies and calculation tools (both on-premise and cloud) for:

  • Staging;
  • Segmentation of the portfolio;
  • Transition matrices assessment;
  • TTC (through-the-cycle) and PIT (point-in-time) probability of default (PD);
  • TTC and PIT loss given default (LGD);
  • Exposure at default modeling.

Find out how Marillion can help you achieve your goals.

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About us

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Marillion is a member of:

  • The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB)
    The Public Company Accounting Oversight
    Board (PCAOB)
  • Association of European Businesses in the Russian Federation (AEB)
    Association of European Businesses in the
    Russian Federation (AEB)
  • Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie Franco-Russe (CCI France Russie)
    Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie Franco-Russe (CCI France Russie)
  • Russian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK Russland)
    Russian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK Russland)
  • Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC)
    Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC)
  • Self-regulatory Organization of Auditors Association Sodruzhestvo (SRO AAS)
    Self-regulatory Organization of Auditors Association "Sodruzhestvo" (SRO AAS)

About Us

27 years of stable and dynamic growth have turned the company into a distinctive actor on the market. Today, Marillion offices in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow and Togliatti employ over 400 highly qualified staff members, offering complex solutions for business, understanding specific issues of every client.

Join us

Today Marillion offices in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Togliatti employ over 400 highly qualified staff members. Our specialists are committed to offer complex solutions for business, understanding specific issues of every client. Marillion team combines vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the international and Russian markets.


One of the leading audit, advisory and outsourcing companies according to the international and Russian rankings.


Willing to respect and promote our clients interests, Marillion maintains a close dialogue with the professional community in Russia.

/ Team

Our managing team

Marillion’ team skills range, experience and expertise ensure you a privileged support for all audit, accounting, outsourcing, tax and legal and financial backup needs

Our bilingual or trilingual (Russian, English and/or French) employees from various backgrounds are trained to very high standards. They have an in-depth knowledge of the Russian and international markets, enabling them to support and assist the development of your business.

Our goal is to build a sustainable relationship with you, based on:

  • the flexibility and adaptability of our services in accordance with your growth;
  • the shared expertise of our professionals;
  • the stability of our teams, managed by a dedicated director.

  • Polina Viksne

    Polina Viksne

    АССА, Partner, Audit
  • Irina Tatartseva

    Irina Tatartseva

    Partner, Audi
  • Sergey Kharitonov

    Sergey Kharitonov

    Partner, Audi
  • Evgeny Avdeev

    Evgeny Avdeev

    АССА, Partner, Audit
  • Andrei Milinov

    Andrei Milinov

    Partner, Audi
  • Natalia Tsoy

    Natalia Tsoy

    ACCA, Partner, Head of Accounting Outsourcing
  • Daniil Berlizov

    Daniil Berlizov

    Partner, Business Development
  • Alexey Shvyndenkov

    Alexey Shvyndenkov

    Partner, Tax & Legal


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